Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get to the hospital/clinic?

What is the MyMaterPrivate app?

Is there parking near the hospital/clinic?

I would like to see how my family member /friend is doing. What phone number should I call?

What are visiting hours?

I have special dietary requirements. Do I need to tell anyone before I arrive?

I’m being admitted to the hospital, what do I need to bring with me?

Is there Wifi available at the hospital?

Is there a café/restaurant at the hospital?

Can I smoke?

Are there any hotels near the hospital?

Can I send or receive flowers?

Is there a shop at the hospital?

Can I use my mobile phone in the hospital?

Is there a chapel or religious services available in the hospital?

Are there separate male & female wards?


What do I need to create an account?

Where can I find my MRN number?

How can I update my personal information?

How do i reset my password?

Can I create an account on the app for my child?

Privacy & Security

Will the app store my bank card information?

Can I use my fingerprint or passcode to login to the app?

Who has access to my medical records and test results on the app?

Is the app secure?

How long will my information be stored on the app?


Can I use the app on my mobile and my tablet?

Technical difficulty accessing the app

The activation code does not work


What functionalities does the app offer?

Can I pay my bill through the app?

How can I book an appointment?

Can I cancel or reschedule my appointments on the app?

Can I receive notifications through the app?

What medical records will I be able to access on the app?

Will the results of any tests I have be available on the app?

Can I print information from the app?

Can I use the app to message my consultant?